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Beauty & Skincare Secrets of Korean Women Revealed

Ever wondered how the Koreans can have that soft and glowing skin? Have you ever wished you can have the same svelte skin as theirs?

Korean beauty products making wavesWell, you don’t need to fly to Korea and learn their culture just to personally uncover this seemingly mystic Korean beauty secret. We’re exposing it to you here on and highlighting their skin care products with all-natural ingredients.

So precisely what do Koreans do to achieve this almost-perfect looking skin? Read on!

1. Prevention is key

Koreans, especially women, start taking care of their skin at a young age. Instead of worrying themselves about how to treat the signs of aging, they would instead start caring for their skin at an early age to be able to keep their complexion looking healthy and younger.

2. Wear sunscreen

Part of their usual routine is putting sunscreen before they go out of their house every day. In fact, they never leave the house without it. The Koreans perfectly understand the danger and the possible damages that the ultraviolet rays can cause the skin, so they make sure to protect them with sunscreen with high SPF.

3. Never sleep with your make-up on

No matter how tired you are, you must never sleep with your makeup still on your face. Make sure to clean your face and remove all traces of dirt and cosmetics on your face. When you sleep with makeup, you are doing a lot of damage to your skin. Your pores will get clogged, you will get acne, and your skin will become dull and dry. So forget laziness! If you want a bright and glowing skin, remember to remove your makeup before you sleep.

Cosmetics from Korea boast of organic ingredients4. Cleansing is highly important

This is an essential part of every Korean beauty routine that they even do it twice after they remove their makeup. After you wash the makeup off your face, draw out the bacteria and sebum off your face by using an oil-based cleanser that could help hydrate your skin without leaving scums. The oil wipes out the dirt without drying out the skin. After you put on the oil-based cleanser, you can now put on the mild cream foaming cleanser. Do it in a soft circular motion.

5. Massage your face

Give your face some extra love by massaging it every night while doing your cleansing routine. Doing this can give a healthy glow to your skin.

When you do your facial massage routine, start just below your cheekbones. Use the knuckles of your first two fingers and press as firmly as you feel like it. Then, trace up the sides of your nose going to the top of your forehead then down to the confines of your face. For the finale, lightly massage the area under your eyes using the pads of your finger to help drain the puffiness.

6. Eat healthily

One of the top reasons why Koreans have beautiful skin is because of what they eat. They genuinely adhere in the saying, ‘you are what you eat.’ Thus, they always make sure to have vegetables in their diet especially cabbage, garlic, ginger, and scallion.

Now that the Korean skincare secret has been revealed, you can already trot your way to start following these Korean beauty regimen so you can also achieve their healthy, glowing skin.