Minimize Time Spent in the Kitchen

Having a good meal is very important because it is the fuel that our bodies need to function throughout the day. However, having to cook each time and wash dirty utensils is not the best way to spend one’s time.

This is why having a way to reduce the time spent in the kitchen is very important. It gives you the chance to do something else that you wouldn’t have done or even take the time to rest up.

Tips on how to save time when cooking

  1. Use the right tools

When cooking it is important to use the right tools. Invest in sharp knives which will make preparing the ingredients faster. Working with dull knives is very hectic because you take up too much time.

Investing in utensils that will make your work easier will lighten the load and significantly reduce the time you spend in the kitchen.

  1. Meal planning

Enjoying home-cooked mealsThis is by far the best way to save time. Take some time during the weekend to prepare all your meals for the week. You could do this by either just preparing the ingredients and storing them for when needed or cooking all your meals at once.

All this requires you to do so grocery shopping to ensure you have everything you need for your meals. Once all your food is prepared, pack them in individual containers and store them in your refrigerator. This will save you the stress of worrying about what you will eat after a long busy day.

  1. Cook with your family

Delegate a duty to each member of your family so that they can help you out in the kitchen. Divide the tasks equally and according to their capabilities.

This will be a great way to reduce the time you spend cooking, cleaning utensils, preparing ingredients. You will have help so you won’t have to juggle everything by yourself. It will also be a great way to bond with your family members whilst instilling some great values in your children.

You can also have days of the week where someone else other than you is cooking. This will be a great way to give yourself a break and break the monotony of cooking being your sole duty. Being helped out once in a while to help you refuel is very crucial.

  1. Cook meals that take a short time to prepare

For those days when you are just tired and don’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen. Pull out that recipe book that contains 10-15 minutes meals. Meals that you can easily cook in a couple of minutes and still have a filling and healthy meal.

These meals will save you a lot of time and still be worth it. It is very important for one not to forget the fact that you need to eat well regardless of the fact that you are trying to save time. Saving time does not mean you should compromise on the quality of your meals and your satisfaction.

  1. Personal chef

Hiring a New York City personal chef services is a good way to stay away from the kitchen. Your private chef will take care of preparing all your meals and making sure that they are all healthy and filling.

Since your goal is to reduce the time spent in the kitchen, then this is a perfect option. You don’t compromise on quality and you get to enjoy the services of a trained cook.

Having a personal chef preparing your meals translates to you not stressing over what to eat and when to cook.

  1. Clean as you go

When cooking, you find yourself using a lot of utensils which will surely need to be cleaned. It is best to clean the utensils as you go if you want to save time.

Once you have your ingredients all prepped start cooking and at the same time clean everything you may have used. This is a good way to ensure that once you are done cooking there are no dirty dishes waiting for you.

Save a lot of time doing it togetherThis will save you a lot of time. Think of it this way, you are not the one cooking the heat is, so instead of lazing about you’d rather be doing the dishes.

Cooking and cleaning is not something anyone looks forward to after a long day at work. However, you still need to eat and your house still needs to be clean at all times. This is why planning in advance and getting help will save you time and enable you to rest.

By implementing these tips you will be in a position to reduce the amount of time you spend in the kitchen. During those days that you just can’t cook, you should consider ordering in and having your healthy meal without stressing about how you will cook. This is however not a sustainable option but a once in a while choice.

Include members of your family in your plans and delegate any duties that will relieve you. Have a meal plan of what is to be eaten from Monday to Sunday and save yourself the headache of having to think about it every day.

Developing a passion for cooking may also lead to a reduction of time in the kitchen. It is without a doubt that when someone is doing something they love they get into it and forget all about time.

Give yourself the opportunity to learn more and do more and you may find yourself acquiring more skills that will help you cook faster.

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