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Make Your Honeymoon More Exciting with Human Pheromone

Honeymoon — one of the most-awaited moments of the couple after the wedding. It can be both exciting and a bit awkward for the couple especially if that’s their first time to sleep together. To fight off that awkward feels, perhaps you can try to put on some human pheromone.

Couple drink champagne after the weddingPheromones are chemical signs secreted by an animal that significantly influences the behavior of other members of same species. It comes in various types such as the alarm pheromones, food trail pheromones, and the sex pheromones. Among the animal species, the sex pheromones for females indicates that it is already up for mating, while for the male, it is used to detect and attract a mate. As for the case of the humans, the release of pheromones has a significant effect on the sexual behavior and physiology of another individual.

How is that so?

According to research, the human pheromones produced by the apocrine glands in the armpits and around the genitals. These immediately send sexual signals which will then be picked up by the vomeronasal organ (VNO), which is located inside the nose. The message that will pass through that VNO will then go to the limbic portion of the brain which controls basic human emotions including sexual arousal.

A particular scent actively moves human emotions. The vomeronasal organs of the nose immediately sense and process the pheromones that travel through the air and excites the hypothalamus found in the brain.  The feeling is like when a bride and groom get excited when the wedding band playing all-around Connecticut starts to play their song. It is in the hypothalamus that emotions and responses are being produced.

Pheromones for people increase attractionThough we have natural pheromones in our body, there is a constant need to replace and enhance these natural pheromones too, since we tend to wash them off when taking a shower. This is where products such as colognes, perfumes, oils, lotions, and other stuff used to attract the opposite sex will come in. These human pheromone products work when its scent enter through the nose and activate some of the baser instincts that humans have. Pheromones work at the sub-conscious level. You may not be aware of it but once that scent or smell reaches your nose, your body is already subtly aroused, and the pheromone is working much to bring you closer to the other person who released that odor or whose body where the scent was released. These human pheromone products allow the body to become the natural magnet of attraction that draws people towards you.

Now that you know about these human pheromones, you can now make your first night as husband and wife even more remarkable and extra romantic.